Job Vacancy

Senior Data Analyst: A data analyst works with Sunset staff to conduct nonpartisan, objective evaluations of Texas state agencies. If you are interested in applying, please visit the Jobs page of our website for details. 

Future Reviews by Year

During each two-year legislative cycle, the Sunset Commission evaluates about 20–30 of the approximately 130 entities subject to Sunset review.  See a list of agencies scheduled for review during the upcoming review cycles by clicking the links below.  The lists are subject to change during each legislative session.

2024–2025 Review Cycle, 89th Legislative Session

2026–2027 Review Cycle, 90th Legislative Session

2028–2029 Review Cycle, 91st Legislative Session

2030–2031 Review Cycle, 92nd Legislative Session

2032–2033 Review Cycle, 93rd Legislative Session

2034–2035 Review Cycle, 94th Legislative Session

2024–2025 Review Cycle

2026–2027 Review Cycle

2028–2029 Review Cycle

2030–2031 Review Cycle

2032–2033 Review Cycle

2034–2035 Review Cycle