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Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities

Previous Sunset reports on this agency

  • 1998-1999 Review Cycle, 76th Legislative Session

  • Next Review Date: 2026-2027 Review Cycle - 90th Legislative Session

  • Last Review Cycle: 2014-2015 Review Cycle - 84th Legislative Session

Sunset Documents for 2014-2015 Review Cycle, 84th Legislative Session

Final Results of Last Sunset Review

The following material summarizes results of the Sunset review of the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities, including management actions directed to the committee that do not require statutory change. For additional information see the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities Staff Report with Final Results.


  • Continues the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities for 12 years, until 2027.

Long-Range Plans for People with Disabilities

  • Requires the committee to identify certain long-range plans relating to persons with disabilities in this state, and to publish links to each long-range plan on the committee’s website.
  • Requires the committee to review and analyze these long-range plans to identify gaps in state laws and services for persons with disabilities and make recommendations in the committee’s biennial report to address identified gaps.

Committee Functions and Funding

  • Removes statutory provisions that do not align with the committee’s current purpose and resources.
  • Directs the committee to provide information on disability-related services on its website. (management action – nonstatutory)
  • Directs the Governor’s Office and the committee to work together to re-evaluate the amount of funding necessary for the committee to carry out its functions, and to ensure its legislative appropriations request and budget reflect the actual fiscal needs of the committee. (management action – nonstatutory)