Legislative Results of Sunset Reviews

To view a summary of the outcome of the Sunset process for each agency, including actions taken by the 88th Legislature, visit the agency's page under Current Reviews. For bills not yet signed by the Governor, the actions are tentative until the veto period has ended on June 18. Sunset will publish the complete record of each review following the veto period.

Agencies Currently Under Review

Current Sunset Bills

Learn more about Sunset legislation being considered by the 88th Texas Legislature.

The Sunset Process

Learn about how Sunset works in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sunset

Summary Reports

View material summarizing Sunset's work during the 2022-23 review cycle, 88th Legislative Session.

Compliance Report: Implementation of 2021 Sunset Recommendations (January 2023)

Report to the 88th Legislature (February 2023)

Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2022-23 (Expected June 2023)