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Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE)

    • Next Review Date: 2024-2025 Review Cycle - 89th Legislative Session
    • Last Review Date: 2012-2013 Review Cycle - 83rd Legislative Session

    Sunset Review Documents for 2012-2013 Review Cycle, 83rd Legislative Session

    Legislative Documents

    Final Results from Last Sunset Report

    The following material summarizes results of the 2012-2013 Sunset review of the Board, including statutory changes made through Senate Bill 204.  For additional information see the Texas Board of Professional Engineers Sunset Final Report with Legislative Action.


    • Requires the Board to adopt clear policies governing the testing process and removes a specific testing requirement that limits flexibility in how future testing is administered.
    • Requires the Board to conduct fingerprint-based criminal background checks to review complete federal and state criminal history information on all applicants and current licensees.
    • Prohibits the Board from collecting the $200 professional fee before applicants satisfy licensing requirements as Professional Engineers.


    • Increases the Board’s administrative penalty authority from $3,000 to $5,000 per violation per day for violations of the Engineering Practice Act or Board rules.
    • Authorizes the Board to suspend a license on an emergency basis for actions that present an immediate harm to the public.
    • Grants cease-and-desist authority to the Board for the unlicensed practice of engineering.


    • Continues the Texas Board of Professional Engineers for 12 years.