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General Counsel (revised/repost): The General Counsel provides legal services for the agency, serving as a member of Sunset’s executive team to provide information and advice about legal issues impacting the agency.

Policy Analyst (multiple entry-level positions): The Sunset Commission is seeking motivated, analytical, curious, and innovative individuals with a desire to help government work better. A policy analyst works as part of a team to conduct nonpartisan, objective evaluations of Texas state agencies.

Review Director: As a senior-level position, a Review Director works under the Deputy Director for Reviews to help guide the course of Sunset reviews of state agencies. 

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Texas Water Development Board

Agency History

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Previous Sunset reports on this agency

  • Next Review Date: 2034-2035 Review Cycle - 94th Legislative Session

  • Last Review Cycle: 2022-2023 Review Cycle - 88th Legislative Session

Sunset Documents for 2022-2023 Review Cycle, 88th Legislative Session

Legislative Documents

Final Results of Last Sunset Review

  • Amend the Texas Water Development Board’s (TWDB) next Sunset review date and continue the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas Advisory Committee to 2035.
Project Review
  • Require TWDB to develop, collect, and analyze performance metrics and establish goals for evaluating its project review process.
  • Authorize TWDB to implement a risk-based approach to project review.
  • Direct TWDB to develop a plan to prioritize improving its project review process to eliminate inefficiencies and inconsistencies. (Management action — nonstatutory)
  • Direct TWDB to work with the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) to update the agency’s General Appropriations Act performance measures to include elements of the project review process. (Management action — nonstatutory)
  • Direct TWDB to collect and analyze information about its financial assistance applicants and outreach efforts to better inform and more effectively target agency activities; as part of this, direct TWDB to work with LBB to report money and projects awarded to rural and economically disadvantaged communities separately and not as a combined number. (Management action — nonstatutory)
  • Direct TWDB to develop a coordinated outreach plan to more efficiently promote agency programs, improve operations, and ensure its outreach efforts meet entities’ needs and expectations; additionally, direct TWDB to use funds from the Rural Water Assistance Fund to work with rural communities to help navigate TWDB’s funding application process. (Management action — nonstatutory)
Water Planning
  • Require regional water planning groups to include in regional water plans implementation updates about large projects, including status updates about expenditures, permit applications, and construction.
  • Authorize regional water planning groups, by statute, to use a drought worse than the drought of record as the baseline for planning purposes.
  • Direct TWDB to consult with the Office of the State Climatologist at Texas A&M University in the preparation of regional and state water plans. (Management action — nonstatutory)
  • Update the standard across-the-board requirement related to board member training.
  • Abolish TWDB’s reports on the Water Loan Assistance Program, Water Bond Insurance Program, and Storage Acquisition Fund, and continue all other reporting requirements.
  • Direct TWDB to update its policy regarding the separation of duties of board members from those of staff. (Management action — nonstatutory)
  • Direct TWDB to adopt a rule review plan. (Management action — nonstatutory)