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Texas Water Development Board

    • Next Review Date: 2022-2023 Review Cycle - 88th Legislative Session
    • Last Review Date: 2010-2011 Review Cycle - 82nd Legislative Session

    Sunset Review Documents for 2010-2011 Review Cycle, 82nd Legislative Session

    Legislative Documents

    Final Results from Last Sunset Report

    The Texas Water Development Board (Board) was created in 1957 through a state constitutional amendment that authorized the Board to issue general obligation water development bonds to provide financial assistance to political subdivisions. To address the State’s water needs, the Board provides loans and grants through state and federal programs to Texas communities for water and wastewater projects, supports the development of regional water plans and prepares the State Water Plan, and collects, analyzes, and disseminates water-related data.

    Senate Bill 660 contains the Sunset Commission’s recommendations for clarifying matters regarding the Board’s bond issuance, strengthening the process for developing desired future conditions (DFCs) for the State’s aquifers, and improving aspects of the State’s water planning process. The bill does not address continuation of the agency because the Board is not subject to abolishment under the Sunset Act. The bill also does not contain the Sunset Commission’s recommendation to remove the Board’s process for judging the reasonableness of a DFC, leaving the current Board process in place.  Senate Joint Resolution 4 contains a Sunset Commission recommendation to provide additional bond authority to the Board so it may continue its financial assistance programs. A list of the major provisions contained in the Board’s Sunset legislation follows.

    • Authorize the Board to issue additional Development Fund bond authority to fulfill its constitutional responsibility.
    • Clarify the treatment of the Board’s Development Fund general obligation bonds, and mitigate default risk across the Board’s financial assistance programs.
    • Coordinate the process for establishing desired future conditions with the regional water planning process.
    • Strengthen the process for developing desired future conditions of aquifers.
    • Clarify the duties of the Texas Natural Resources Information System and abolish the Texas Geographic Information Council.
    • Require the Board to obtain and evaluate data to determine whether implementation of conservation and other water management strategies is meeting the State’s future water needs.
    • Apply standard Sunset across-the-board requirements to the Texas Water Development Board.