Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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Previous Sunset reports on this agency

  • Next Review Date: 2028-2029 Review Cycle - 91st Legislative Session

  • Last Review Cycle: 2016-2017 Review Cycle - 85th Legislative Session

Sunset Documents for 2016-2017 Review Cycle, 85th Legislative Session

Legislative Documents

Final Results of Last Sunset Review

Facility Registration
  • Discontinue the unnecessary registration of chiropractic facilities.
  • Require the board to develop an expert review process to ensure chiropractic expertise in its enforcement process and repeal unused peer review requirements.
  • Prohibit the board from accepting anonymous complaints and require the board to maintain confidentiality of investigative reports, complaints, and other investigative information.
  • Direct the board to develop a plan to improve its investigative process and reduce complaint resolution timeframes. (Management action – nonstatutory)
  • Direct the board to prioritize investigations based on risk to the public. (Management action – nonstatutory)
  • Direct the board to revise its penalty matrix to more closely align the severity of penalties with the risk a violation poses to the public. (Management action – nonstatutory)
  • Direct the board to clearly define grossly unprofessional conduct. (Management action – nonstatutory)
  • Direct the board to develop a more user-friendly online complaint form. (Management action – nonstatutory)
  • Require the board to conduct fingerprint-based criminal background checks of all licensure applicants and licensees.
  • Remove unnecessary qualifications required of applicants for licensure.
  • Authorize the board to check for disciplinary actions in other states or from other licensing boards for license applications and renewals, and to pursue any necessary enforcement action.
  • Remove the limitation on the number of times an applicant can take the board’s jurisprudence exam.
  • Authorize the board, by rule, to establish license terms of two or more years.
  • Remove the statutory limitation currently restricting the agency’s authority to lower fees.
  • Direct the board to stop requiring letters of recommendation as part the initial application process. (Management action – nonstatutory)
  • Direct the board to limit and better focus its continuing education audit process. (Management action – nonstatutory)
Practice of Chiropractic
  • Add the word "diagnose" to the definition of the practice of chiropractic.
  • Continue the state’s regulation of chiropractors and the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners as an independent agency for 12 years.
  • Update the standard across-the-board requirement related to board member training.