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Senior Data Analyst: A data analyst works with Sunset staff to conduct nonpartisan, objective evaluations of Texas state agencies. If you are interested in applying, please visit the Jobs page of our website for details. 

Public Information Act Information Request Form

Public Information Contact Information

Please submit all requests in person or in writing by using one of the following methods. Please include a mailing address and a daytime telephone number in the event we need to contact you. Sunset will not accept public information requests submitted through a social media page.

Mailing Address:

Public Information Coordinator

Sunset Advisory Commission

PO Box 13066

Austin, Texas 78711

In Person Delivery:

Sunset Advisory Commission

Robert E. Johnson Building, 6th Floor

1501 North Congress

Austin, Texas 78701

Public Information Policy

Under the Public Information Act, some categories of information do not have to be released. Mandatory exceptions make information confidential and require a governmental body to withhold information. Discretionary exceptions allow but do not require a governmental body to withhold information. You may find information about mandatory and discretionary exceptions HERE.

In most instances, a governmental body is required to request a decision from the Attorney General in order to withhold information from a requestor. However, a requestor may permit a governmental body to redact information without requesting an Attorney General decision. You are not required to agree to the redaction of any information responsive to your request, but doing so may streamline the handling of your request. If you agree to redactions in this request, then you may request the redacted information in a future information request.

Mailing Address

Please Note: If the information requested is unclear or if a large amount of information is requested you may be contacted to discuss clarifying or narrowing your request. There may be charges associated with production of the requested information. You may find more information regarding the charges under the Public Information Act at

For guidance regarding your rights as a requestor and the public information procedures adopted by this governmental body, you may review the governmental body’s notice required under Section 552.205 of the Government Code. You can find additional Public Information Act resources on the Office of the Attorney General's website at
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