2020-2021 Review Cycle

Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2020–2021 (June 2021)

Report to the 87th Legislature (February 2021)

Compliance Report: Implementation of 2019 Sunset Recommendations (January 2021)

Despite unprecedented challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sunset Commission had a productive and successful review cycle. Sunset evaluated a diverse group of 19 entities, including the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS), Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), and two river authorities. The cycle also included reviews of several agencies that license and regulate public safety officials and establishments, including firefighters, peace officers, and local jails. Due to the pandemic, Sunset conducted elements of its review work virtually and postponed the reviews of two entities within the governor’s office — the Economic Development and Tourism Office and Office of State and Federal Relations — so it could focus on pandemic response efforts.

Ultimately, the 87th Legislature adopted most of the changes recommended by the Sunset Commission, passing 12 bills that contained 78 percent of the commission’s statutory recommendations to the Legislature. Together, the commission’s 115 statutory changes and 114 management directives to the entities will improve state government accountability and streamline licensing and other services. Significant changes include eliminating unnecessary licenses and regulations to reduce burdens on individuals and improve administrative efficiency, strengthening agency oversight and accountability, and ensuring agencies target their resources toward correcting recurring problems or high-risk activities. See the summary report, Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2020–2021, and the complete final report on each agency for more details.

Agencies Continued in 2021

Agency Abolished in 2021

Agency Abolished and Functions Transferred in 2021

Agencies Not Subject to Abolishment in 2021