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Senior Data Analyst: A data analyst works with Sunset staff to conduct nonpartisan, objective evaluations of Texas state agencies. If you are interested in applying, please visit the Jobs page of our website for details. 

2006-2007 Review Cycle

Summary of Sunset Legislation 80th Legislature (July 2007)

Report to the 80th Legislature (May 2007)

The 80th Legislature evaluated 20 agencies and boards under Sunset review, four of which were not subject to abolishment or had their Sunset dates removed. The Legislature continued 14 agencies, abolished one, and abolished and transferred the functions of another. The Legislature also directed the Sunset Commission to continue evaluation of one agency under review, the Office of State-Federal Relations, by extending its Sunset date for only two years. For the 80th Legislative Session, Sunset legislation resulted in more than $447,000 in savings and revenue gains during the next biennium. Also, several bills contained changes that went beyond Sunset’s traditional role of eliminating duplication and waste, reflecting larger policy issues that both the Commission and Legislature considered to improve services to the citizens of Texas.

Agencies Continued in 2007

Agency Abolished in 2007

Agency Abolished with Functions Transferred in 2007

Agencies Not Subject to Abolishment in 2007

Agency Removed From Review in 2007