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Texas Structural Pest Control Board

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  • 1990-1991 Review Cycle, 72nd Legislative Session

  • 1978-1979 and 1980-1981 Review Cycles, 66th and 67th Legislative Session

This agency is currently inactive. An agency can be labeled inactive if it has been abolished, had a title change, was merged into a different agency or split into different agencies. See Agency History on the right for further information.

Next Review Date: None

  • Last Review Cycle: 2006-2007 Review Cycle - 80th Legislative Session

Sunset Documents for 2006-2007 Review Cycle, 80th Legislative Session

Legislative Documents

Final Results of Last Sunset Review

The Legislature created the Texas Structural Pest Control Board (the Board) in 1971 to ensure that those who perform pest control activities in buildings, homes, and other structures are qualified, competent, and adhere to established professional standards. The Board has two primary functions: license commercial and non-commercial pest control professionals, and enforce the Texas Structural Pest Control Act and federal law through inspections and complaint investigations. With a staff of 29 employees and an annual budget of $1.4 million, the Board currently licenses more than 16,000 pest control business and applicators.

House Bill 2458 abolishes the Structural Pest Control Board and transfers its functions to the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). The bill contains other recommendations of the Sunset Commission, including requiring TDA to develop a risk-based approach to inspections, a formal process for exam development, and more clear and consistent guidance for pesticide use in schools.  The list below summarizes the major provisions of H.B. 2458.

  • Abolish the Structural Pest Control Board and transfer its functions to the Texas Department of Agriculture.
  • Allow the Department of Agriculture to determine its inspection frequency based on an assessment of risk.
  • Require TDA to develop a formal process for licensing exam development and revision.
  • Improve the Integrated Pest Management Program to provide more clear and consistent guidance to schools.
  • Conform key elements of TDA’s licensing and regulatory functions to commonly applied licensing practices.
  • Allow beekeepers to remove bees from structures without a pest control license, as long as they do not use pesticides.