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2010-2011 Review Cycle

Summary of Sunset Legislation 82nd Legislature (July 2011)

Report to the 82nd Legislature (February 2011)

The 82nd Legislature examined 29 entities under Sunset review, including four entities not subject to abolishment. Six entities were abolished during this cycle. The Legislature passed legislation that continued the remaining 19 agencies, making significant changes to many of these agencies. Changes enacted through Sunset legislation resulted in more than $161 million in expected savings and revenue gains over the next biennium.

Most significantly, the Legislature abolished and merged the functions of the Texas Youth Commission and Texas Juvenile Probation Commission into a single new agency, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. The Legislature also abolished the Coastal Coordination Council, On-site Wastewater Treatment Research Council, and Equine Research Account Advisory Committee. The Electronic Government Program Management Office of the Department of Information Resources expired without legislative action due to its inactive status.

Four agencies were continued for only two years and placed under Sunset review again for the 2012-13 biennium. This included the Railroad Commission of Texas and Public Utility Commission of Texas, whose Sunset bills failed to pass; and the Department of Information Resources and Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, whose Sunset bills passed but were later vetoed by the Governor, a historic first. Subsequent legislation allowed these two agencies to continue for two years.

Agencies Continued in 2011

Agencies Abolished in 2011

Agencies Abolished with Functions Transferred in 2011

Agencies Not Subject to Abolishment in 2011