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Policy Analyst (multiple entry-level positions): The Sunset Commission is seeking motivated, analytical, curious, and innovative individuals with a desire to help government work better. A policy analyst works as part of a team to conduct nonpartisan, objective evaluations of Texas state agencies.

Review Director: As a senior-level position, a Review Director works under the Deputy Director for Reviews to help guide the course of Sunset reviews of state agencies. 

If you are interested in applying, please visit the Jobs page of our website for details. 

2016-2017 Review Cycle

Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2016–2017 (August 2017)

Report to the 85th Legislature (February 2017)

Over the last two years, Sunset had a successful review cycle focused largely on agencies that license and regulate health professions, including reviews of the boards that regulate doctors, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists. Other significant reviews included the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Railroad Commission, State Bar, and Employees Retirement System. This review cycle also marked the beginning of Sunset’s foray into reviewing all of the state’s river authorities, starting with the four smallest river authorities in Texas.

Ultimately, the 85th Legislature adopted the vast majority of changes recommended by the Sunset Commission, enacting 17 Sunset bills, containing 80 percent of the commission’s statutory recommendations to the Legislature. These 193 statutory changes, along with the commission’s 147 management directives to the agencies, will result in approximately $1.3 million in savings and revenue gains over the next two years and approximately $5.8 million over the next five years by eliminating waste and inefficiency in state government.   See the summary report, Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2016-2017, and the complete final report on each agency for more details.

Agencies Continued in 2017

Agency Abolished and Functions Transferred in 2017

Agency Not Subject to Abolishment in 2017

Agency Removed From Sunset Review in 2017

Agencies Abolished in 2017