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Legislative Session

Sunset During the 88th Legislature

The Sunset Commission reviewed 21 entities for the 88th Legislative Session, resulting in 235 recommendations to streamline state government while enhancing services to our citizens. Generally, the recommendations eliminate unnecessary regulations, improve accountability, align agencies’ procedures with best practices, and strengthen effective delivery of services to Texans. Notably, the commission is making several appropriative recommendations, which is atypical for Sunset, to the House Appropriations and Senate Finance committees to consider funding increases for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department to increase capacity of juvenile justice facilities and address chronic staff retention issues, and for the Public Utility Commission of Texas to improve oversight of the electric and water utility industries. Other recommendations include transferring the functions of the Anatomical Board of the State of Texas to the Texas Funeral Service Commission to improve regulation of whole body donation in Texas, and temporarily attaching the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to provide the board with oversight, guidance, and support.

A complete summary of Sunset’s work is contained in the Report to the 88th Legislature. This information is a guide to the introduced version of the Sunset bills of each agency under review, listed in the chart below. Generally, these bills go through normal processes in the House and Senate, and must be enacted by the Legislature for the agencies to continue. 

The public can participate in the legislative process on Sunset bills in the same way as any other legislation, through hearings in the Senate and House and contacting legislators who vote on the bills. You may follow the progress of Sunset legislation by clicking the bill numbers below, which link to up-to-date information posted on Texas Legislature Online, a service of the Texas Legislative Council.

Note:  Chart will be updated as bills are filed. 

Sunset Bills — 88th Legislature

Senate Bill (Author)
House Bill (Author)
Sunset Staff Contact
Anatomical Board of the State of Texas SB 2040 (Springer) HB 1510 (Clardy) Darren McDivitt
Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office SB 1940 (Springer) HB 1515 (Clardy) Erick Fajardo

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

SB 1397 (Schwertner) HB 1505 (Bell, K.) Robert Romig

Texas Juvenile Justice Department

Office of the Independent Ombudsman

SB 1727 (Schwertner) HB 1520 (Canales) Rachel Gandy
Lavaca-Navidad River Authority SB 2592 (Paxton) HB 1525 (Clardy) Robert Romig
Law Enforcement, Texas Commission on SB 1445 (Paxton) HB 1530 (Goldman) Andrew McConnell

Public Utility Commission of Texas

Electric Reliability Council of Texas

Office of Public Utility Counsel

SB 1368 (Schwertner) HB 1500 (Holland) Emily Johnson
San Antonio River Authority SB 2582 (Johnson) HB 1535 (Clardy) Sadie Smeck
San Jacinto River Authority SB 2586 (Paxton) HB 1540 (Holland) Robert Romig

Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board

Texas Invasive Species Coordinating Committee

SB 1424 (Perry) HB 1545 (Clardy) Lauren Ames
Office of State-Federal Relations SB 1400 (Springer) HB 1550 (Goldman) Erick Fajardo
Upper Guadalupe River Authority SB 2578 (Johnson) HB 1555 (Clardy) Robert Romig
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners SB 1414 (Johnson) HB 1560 (Holland) Steven Ogle

Texas Water Development Board

State Water Implementation Fund for Texas Advisory Committee

SB 1351 (Perry) HB 1565 (Canales) Darren McDivitt

No legislation is required for the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District or Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission.

Summary Reports

View material summarizing Sunset's work during the 2024-25 review cycle, 89th Legislative Session.

Compliance Report: Implementation of 2023 Sunset Recommendations (expected January 2025)

Report to the 89th Legislature (expected February 2025)

Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2024-25 (expected June 2025)