Sunset Commission Member Appointments

The Speaker of the House appoints new members to the Sunset Advisory Commission, see members.

2014-2015 Review Cycle

Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2014–2015 (July 2015)

Report to the 84th Legislature (February 2015)

Sunset faced a challenging review cycle dominated by Texas’ extensive health and human services system. In the end, the 84th Legislature adopted the vast majority of changes recommended by the Sunset Commission, including the consolidation of two major health and human services agencies into a functionally reorganized Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). These changes will have long-term positive impacts on the delivery of services statewide for years to come.

In all, the 84th Legislature enacted 14 Sunset bills, containing 134, or 72 percent, of the Sunset Commission’s statutory recommendations to the Legislature. These statutory changes, along with the Sunset Commission’s 138 management directives to the agencies, will result in more than $34 million in savings and revenue gains over the next two years by eliminating waste, duplication, and inefficiency in state government.  See the summary report, Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2014-2015, and the complete final report on each agency for more details.

Agencies Continued in 2015

Agencies Abolished and Functions Transferred in 2015

Agencies Not Subject to Abolishment in 2015

Agencies Removed From Sunset Review in 2015