Sunset Commission Member Appointments

The Speaker of the House appoints new members to the Sunset Advisory Commission, see members.

1994-1995 Review Cycle

Analysis of Sunset Legislation (July 1995)

Report to the 74th Legislature (1995)

The 74th Legislature reviewed 18 agencies, two of which were not subject to abolishment. The Legislature continued 14, and abolished and transferred the functions of two agencies. Two agencies — the State Preservation Board and the Racing Commission — were continued without changes but were scheduled for review again in 1997. In addition, one agency that had been abolished in 1993, the State Board of Dental Examiners, was re-created.

Agencies Continued in 1995

Agencies Abolished with Functions Transferred in 1995

Agency Not Subject to Abolishment in 1995

Agency Removed From Sunset Review in 1995