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Regional Education Service Centers

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      Next Review Date: none
    • Last Review Date: 2004-2005 Review Cycle - 79th Legislative Session

    Sunset Review Documents for 2004-2005 Review Cycle, 79th Legislative Session

    Legislative Documents

    Final Results from Last Sunset Report

    Senate Bill 422 as introduced contained all of the Sunset Commission’s recommendations on TEA and ESCs. The recommendations included continuing both TEA and ESCs, and giving TEA clear statutory authority and direction to ensure school districts and charter schools are fiscally responsible.  TEA would also have been directed to improve monitoring and grant management, and to better disseminate best practices. The Sunset Commission also recommended improving and transferring TEA’s private Driver Training program to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

    The bill adopted by the Senate reflected all of the Sunset Commission’s recommendations, as well as several new provisions, including the development of a comprehensive school accreditation system, and requiring annual safety training in schools. When the bill reached the House, the House committee removed several of the Sunset provisions and added a provision to establish an urban school choice pilot program. During debate by the full House, a point of order against further consideration of Senate Bill 422 was raised and sustained. As a result, Senate Bill 422 was not passed by the Legislature.

    However, separate legislation continued both TEA and ESCs. House Bill 1116, 79th Legislature, continued the education service centers indefinitely by removing them from separate Sunset review, and continued TEA until 2007. The bill also required the Sunset Commission to focus its next review of TEA on the appropriateness of its previous recommendations to the 79th Legislature.