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Office of Fire Fighters’ Pension Commissioner

Previous Sunset reports on this agency

  • 2000-2001 Review Cycle, 77th Legislative Session

  • 1990-1991 Review Cycle, 72nd Legislative Session

This agency is currently inactive. An agency can be labeled inactive if it has been abolished, had a title change, was merged into a different agency or split into different agencies. See Agency History on the right for further information.

Next Review Date: None

  • Last Review Cycle: 2012-2013 Review Cycle - 83rd Legislative Session

Sunset Documents for 2012-2013 Review Cycle, 83rd Legislative Session

Legislative Documents

Final Results of Last Sunset Review

The following material describes the results of the 2012-2013 Sunset review of the Office of Fire Fighters’ Pension Commissioner.  The material includes provisions made through Senate Bill 220 (83R) and the Appropriations Act (S.B. 1), as well as management directives not requiring statutory change.  For additional information see the Office of Fire Fighters’ Pension Commissioner Sunset Final Report with Legislative Action.


  • Abolishes the Office of Fire Fighters’ Pension Commissioner both in its roles for local firefighter retirement systems and for administering TESRS.
  • Eliminates the Office’s authority to collect reports from local firefighter retirement systems.
  • Eliminates the Commissioner’s role in hearing benefit appeals from local firefighter systems and the TESRS Board and establishes processes at the Pension Review Board and the TESRS Board for handling these appeals.
  • Eliminates the Office's authority to conduct seminars or workshops.
  • Requires the State Pension Review Board to provide technical assistance, training and information to boards of trustees of local firefighter retirement systems.

TESRS Oversight and Administration

  • Authorizes the Governor to appoint a retiree to one of the current six TESRS board member positions reserved for active members.
  • Makes TESRS subject to Sunset review every 12 years.
  • Provides a direct appropriation to TESRS for staffing and administration. (S.B. 1)
  • Updates and applies standard Sunset Across-the-Board recommendations to TESRS statute.

TESRS Funding

  • Requires the TESRS Board to provide the Legislature with a range of options for meeting the State’s contribution requirement should the Fund experience significant losses or increased liabilities.
  • Requires the TESRS actuarial valuation to include detailed information on the impact of assuming both a full state contribution and no state contribution.
  • Requires the TESRS Board to regularly conduct actuarial audits and experience studies to ensure accurate pension assumptions and valuation.

TESRS Contracting

  • Requires TESRS to adopt a clear policy on contract management and oversight.
  • The TESRS Board should designate staff to participate in contract management and oversight training. (management action – nonstatutory)
  • The TESRS Board should adopt a rule containing the Comptroller’s Historically Underutilized Businesses policy. (management action – nonstatutory)