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Correctional or Rehabilitation Facility Subchapter

Agency History

Historical Notes

Agency's separate Sunset date was removed and will be evaluated as part of the TDCJ review.

This agency is currently inactive. An agency can be labeled inactive if it has been abolished, had a title change, was merged into a different agency or split into different agencies. See Agency History on the right for further information.

Next Review Date: None

  • Last Review Cycle: 2002-2003 Review Cycle - 78th Legislative Session

Sunset Documents for 2002-2003 Review Cycle, 78th Legislative Session

Legislative Documents

Final Results of Last Sunset Review

The Correctional or Rehabilitation Facility Subchapter (the Subchapter), enacted in 1997, authorizes local officials (county and city governing bodies) to deny consent for the location of certain correctional or rehabilitation facilities proposed to be built or operated within 1,000 feet of a residential area, school, public park, or place of worship. The Subchapter applies to correctional facilities, such as state jails, halfway houses, probation and parole offices, and residential facilities operated or contracted for by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Texas Youth Commission, or other political subdivisions of the state. The Legislature directed the Sunset Commission to review the need for, and effectiveness of, this law.

House Bill 1331 contains the Sunset Commission’s recommendations to continue the Subchapter, and to ensure that local communities receive notice and have a reasonable amount of time to review a proposed facility. The major provision of H.B. 1331 is listed below.

  • Continue the Correctional or Rehabilitation Facility Subchapter, and Require the State to Provide Notice of These Facilities to Local Officials.