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General Counsel (revised/repost): The General Counsel provides legal services for the agency, serving as a member of Sunset’s executive team to provide information and advice about legal issues impacting the agency.

Policy Analyst (multiple entry-level positions): The Sunset Commission is seeking motivated, analytical, curious, and innovative individuals with a desire to help government work better. A policy analyst works as part of a team to conduct nonpartisan, objective evaluations of Texas state agencies.

Review Director: As a senior-level position, a Review Director works under the Deputy Director for Reviews to help guide the course of Sunset reviews of state agencies. 

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Public Comments

For Anatomical Board of the State of Texas, 2022-2023 Review Cycle, 88th Legislative Session

Name Submitter Title Organization City File Notes
Aaron Ali, M.D. Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder MedtoMarket, Inc.; Texas Bioskills Consortium Download

Douglas Hampers, M.D., M.B.A, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Bioskills Laboratories; Lorena Kieser, Executive Director, Cadaver Lab SA; Hazel Chappell, Chief Executive Officer and Founder; Linda Eliott, Founder and President, HealthCare Think Tank LLC; Stephen Hohl, Former US Navy Seal; David C.C. Sprague, Ph.D., Founder and President, Industrial Genetics, LLC; Sara M. Walma, Director of Professional Affairs, OsteoCentric Technologies; Selena Xie, President, Austin EMS Association; Anette Radonski, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, OsteoCentric Technologies, Inc.; Lisa Robinson, Crockett Early College High School 

John K. Hubbard Chair Anatomical Board of the State of Texas Dallas Download
Mike Arismendez Executive Director Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Austin Download
Stephen Bathje Vice President of Tissue Management Science Care, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona Download*

* Indicates this individual submitted additional materials with their comments. If you would like a copy of an individual’s additional materials, email to request.

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