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For Department of Aging and Disability Services, 2014-2015 Review Cycle, 84th Legislative Session

Name Title Organization City File Notes
Kyle Janek, M.D. Executive Commissioner Texas Health and Human Services Austin Download John Weizenbaum, Commissioner, DADS
The Honorable Myra Crownover State Representative Texas House of Representatives Lake Dallas *Download  
The Honorable Susan King State Representative Texas House of Representatives Abilene Download  
The Honorable Lois Kolkhorst State Representative Texas House of Representatives Brenham Download  
The Honorable Robert Nichols State Senator Texas Senate Jacksonville Download  
The Honorable Bennett Ratliff State Representative Texas House of Representatives Coppell Download  
Marie Abernathy     Austin Download  
Sharon Acevedo     Houston Download  
Darlene Aldridge     San Antonio Download  
Wes Allen     Amarillo Download  
Glenda Allen     Abilene Download  
Cynthia Anderson     Burleson Download  
Dawna Anderson     Collinsville Download  
Heidi Angel     Fort Worth Download  
Alpha Anthamatten       Download  
Norm Archibald     Abilene Download  
Michele Arnold     Bellaire Download  
Barry Barfield     Tomball Download  
Charity Bartell     Austin Download  
Albert Bartlett       Download  
Charles and Jo Ann Bascue   St. Michael Catholic Church Houston Download  
Ellen Bauman     Burleson Download  
Carleen Beavers     Deer Park Download  
Mirza Begg     McKinney Download  
Kathy Belcher     Denton Download  
Jodi Bell     Deer Park Download  
Peggy Bennett   Pleasant Ridge Church of Church Arlington Download  
Dr. Linda Benskin     Austin Download  
Jake Billingsley     Llano Download  
Bill Blackburn       Download  
Clay Boatright     Plano Download  
The Honorable Downing Bolls Taylor County Judge   Abilene Download  
Pam Booher     Houston Download  
Dennis Borel Executive Director Coalition of Texans with Disabilities Austin Download  
Connie Boyd     Abilene Download  
Cathy Braudway   The ARC, United Advocates Community Now Fort Worth Download  
Sharon Brener Social Worker   Bellaire Download  
Susan Brents-Sheldon     Arlington Download  
Emma Brisbin     Austin Download  
Jan Brown       Download  
Martha Browning     Cedar Park Download  
Sylvia Burgos   No Voice No Justice El Paso Download  
Mitchell Cameron     Fort Worth Download  
Ann Canales     Arlington Download  
Janice Cannon     Abilene Download  
Dr. Joe Cannon     Abilene Download  
Rebecca Cannon-Torres     Abilene Download  
Becky Cardenas     El Paso Download  
Nora Carpenter     Abilene Download  
Daniel Carrell     Bullard Download  
Mustafaa Carroll Executive Director Council on American Islamic Relations Houston Download  
Dr. Sandra Carson Dentist   Corpus Christi Download  
Consuelo Castillo President Texas Advocates   Download  
Loretta Castro     Spring Download  
Marie Chandler     Austin Download  
Glynda Chaney     Houston Download  
Saad Chishty     Dallas Download  
Yusra Chishty     McKinney Download  
Farhat Chishty       *Download  
Louise Abt Clay     Weston Lakes Download  
Robert Comeaux     Seabrook Download  
Amy Connor     Austin Download  
Carol Cook     Austin Download  
Lucila Covington     San Antonio Download  
Franklin Covington, III     San Antonio Download  
Stanley Cowan       Download  
Cathy Cranston     Austin Download  
Dr. Steven Croft     Houston Download  
Beverly Croniser     Plano Download  
David and Jane Crookham     Schertz Download  
Pamela Daine     Cypress Download  
Karen Danks     Corinth *Download  
Michael Danks     Dallas Download  
John Davidson Senior Policy Analyst Texas Public Policy Foundation Austin Download  
Jay Davis     Houston Download  
Dorthy Dawson     Abilene Download  
Dr. George Dawson     Abilene Download  
Alejandra De La Pena     El Paso Download  
Isabel De La Pena     El Paso Download  
Rod De Llano     Houston Download  
Vickie DeLeon     Waco Download  
Eugenio Delgado     El Paso Download  
Rainbow Di Benedetto     Austin Download  
Rita Diaz     Houston Download  
Dr. Thomas Diaz     Katy Download  
Bob Dietz     Houston Download  
Jay Dietz     Katy Download  
Mary Dietz     Austin Download  
Shelley Dill       Download  
Lucy Dominguez     Houston Download  
Olivia and Norman Donelson     Austin Download  
Michelle Dooley   ADAPT Fort Worth Download  
Christopher Doty     Grapevine Download  
Heidi Doty     Grapevine Download  
Leanne Downton     Houston Download  
Dr. Ted and Patricia Duck       Download  
Dawn Dyer     Austin Download  
Michelle Eastham     El Paso Download  
R. Eddins     North Richland Hills Download  
Timothy Edwards     Baytown Download  
Rachel Elder       Download  
Elaine Elkins     Pearland Download  
Dorothy Elsey     Southlake Download  
Kim Elswick     Houston Download  
Ruth and Bob Esgar     Dallas Download  
Frances Esparza     San Antonio *Download  
Sherry Etie Wukasch     Austin Download  
Linda Falk     Porter Download  
Lynette Fant     Austin Download  
Doris Faul     Crowley Download  
Sally Feutz     Austin Download  
Lora Field     Lubbock Download  
Rebecca Fisher     Burleson Download  
Mary Fitzgerald     Spring Download  
Daniel Flores     El Paso Download  
Amanda Fredriksen Associate State Director AARP Austin Download  
Sandra Frizzell Director of Policy Development Providers Alliance for Community Services of Texas Austin Download  
Kate Funck   The ARC, United Advocates Community Now Fort Worth Download  
Toni Gabriel     Lexington Download  
Rachel Gallegos     Houston Download  
Jessica Galloway     Rotan Download  
George Garner     Abilene Download  
LeAnn Garner     Katy Download  
Ann George     San Antonio Download  
Stephen Gersuk     Plano Download  
John Gibbens     San Antonio Download  
Norine Gill     Seabrook Download  
Margo-Ellen Gillman CEO Houston Area Independent Film Makers Houston Download  
Joe Girdner     Bastrop Download  
Patricia Glasser     San Diego, CA Download  
William Glover     Georgetown Download  
David Goldstein   Chabad Friendship Circle Houston Download  
Barbara Gore     San Antonio Download  
Deborah and James Gorman     Houston Download  
Kaili Goslant   The Arc of the Capital Area Austin Download  
Dr. Harold and Abbie Gottlieb Chief Medical Officer Memorial Hermann Houston Download  
Brenda Green     Fort Worth Download  
Troy Greisen CEO Special Abilities of North Texas Lewisville Download  
Marlene Haak     Temple Download  
Kathy Hackett     Austin Download  
Kathleen Hackett     Austin Download  
Glen Hall     Abilene Download  
Judith Hall     Abilene Download  
Charles Hammerman President and CEO The Disability Opportunity Fund Albertson, NY Download  
Rachel Hammon Executive Director Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice Austin Download  
Phyllis Hanvey   The Arc Austin Download  
Gail Harmon Executive Director Texas Assisted Living Association Austin Download  
Carol Harper     Andrews Download  
Resa Harrison   PART Aubrey Download  
Ann Hart   Autism Society Austin Download  
William Hart     Spring Download  
Shamika Haughton     Fort Worth Download  
Leroy Haverlah     Austin Download  
Jo Heard     Lubbock Download  
Louis Heard     Fort Worth Download  
Marjorie Heaton     Austin Download  
Mary Hedrick     Austin Download  
Marina Hench Director of Public Policy Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice Austin Download  
Maryland Hendrix     Crosby Download  
Peter Henning Executive Director Special Texas Homes Houston Download  
Richard Hernandez Director of Government Relations ResCare, Inc. Austin Download  
Delia Herrera     San Angelo Download  
Cindy Hielscher President Texas e-Health Alliance Austin Download Ken Pool, MD, Vice President
Kim Higgins     Fort Worth Download  
Kim Higgins-Carroll     Fort Worth Download  
Mary Jo Hinchliffe     Fort Worth Download  
Harrison Hiner Legislative Coordinator Texas State Employee Union Austin Download  
Madison Hitt     Arlington Download  
Doris Hoffman     Lubbock Download  
John Holland     Houston Download  
Julie Holland     Arlington Download  
Ryan Holland     Denton Download  
Sarah Holland     Arlington Download  
Dena Hollowell     Abilene Download  
Amber Holmes Managing Director Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas Fort Worth Download  
Christine Hong     Austin Download  
Amanda Horner     Abilene Download  
Don Housh     Pleasanton Download  
Nancy Hrin     Austin Download  
Dr. Jeremy Huff     Beaumont Download  
Bruce Hughbanks OEO TEAGINC Coleman Download  
Wayland Hutcheson     Houston *Download  
Gordon Israel President DRACO Services, Inc. Austin Download  
Rebecca Japko     Brenham Download  
Rebecca Jenkins     San Antonio *Download  
Marcia Jennings     Arlington Download  
Camille Johanson     Fort Worth Download  
Dianne Johnson     Burleson Download  
Lee Johnson Deputy Director Texas Council of Community Centers Austin Download  
Linda Johnson     Temple Download  
Jimmey and Patricia Jones       Download  
Theresa Jorgensen     Arlington Download  
Theresa Jud     Dallas Download  
Doris Kallina   PART Sugar Land Download  
Greg Kendrick President Parent Associaton Lufkin State Supported Living Center Lufkin Download  
Lindi Kessinger       Download  
Tom Kidd     Austin Download  
Wayland Kidd     Georgetown Download  
Kathy Kimmel     Comanche Download  
Tricia Kimmel     Coleman Download  
Courtney King     San Antonio Download  
Debbie King     Spring Download  
Jeremy King     St. Meinrad, IN Download  
Geneva Kingston     Abilene Download  
Nancy Kircher     Richmond Download  
William Kircher     Richmond Download  
Debbie Kizer Executive Director Imagine Art Austin Download  
Dr. Luisa Kluger     Houston Download  
Mary Knight     Berryville, AR Download  
Billy Knowles     Round Rock Download  
Christine Kyker Speaker Emeritus Texas Silver-Haired Legislature Abilene Download  
Catherine Kyle President West Austin Neighborhood Group Austin Download  
Heather Landeros Licensed Professional Counselor ARC, NETC, DSPNT Fort Worth Download  
Sally Landrum     Fort Worth Download  
Eirik Larkin     San Antonio Download  
Beth Lawson Secretary Texas PACE Association Lubbock Download  
Dirk Le Flore Vice President-Medical Review Sava Senior Care Consulting, LLC Atlanta, GA Download  
Leda Lee     La Marque Download  
Betty LeMaster     Austin Download  
Rosemary Lester     Bastrop Download  
Linda Levine     Bee Cave Download  
José Levy Clinical Director Behavior Solutions Austin Download  
Sharon Ley Lietzow     Houston Download  
Colleen Lind     Edinburg Download  
John Lind     Denver, CO Download  
Pat Lind       Download  
George Linial President Leading Age Texas Austin Download  
Karen Listi   Down Syndrome Association of Houston Jersey Village Download  
Helmut Lowe     Houston Download  
Erica Luckstead     Austin Download  
Jon Luckstead     Austin Download  
Lois Lueg     Lake Charles, LA Download  
RoseMarie Luevano     San Antonio Download  
Bonnie Lugo     Houston Download  
Laurie Maddux     North Richland Hills Download  
Kim Marshall     Mansfield Download  
Judy Martin     Lubbock Download  
Kathryn Martin Receptionist/Event Planner First United Methodist Church Arlington Download  
Bob Martinez     El Paso Download  
Mayra Martinez     Albequerque, NM Download  
Stacey Mather     Austin Download  
William Matheu Treasurer Arc of NETC Hurst Download  
Elizabeth Mauro     Houston Download  
Stacey Mayfield President Texas for State Supported Living Centers Denton Download  
Janice McCarty     Abilene Download  
Donna McCraw     Midwest City, OK Download  
Brenda McGahagin     Austin Download  
Ione McGinty   Guardianship Reform Advocates for the Disabled and Elderly San Antonio Download  
Maureen McKeon     Austin Download  
Terry McKetta     Lakeway Download  
Nancy Beth McKinney       *Download  
James Meadours     San Antonio Download  
Dawn Meadows Sales Marketing Manager ACVB Abilene Download  
Al Mersiovsky     Lubbock Download  
Brenda Miller     Carrollton Download  
Christine Miller     Sellersburg, IN Download  
Theresa Moffitt     Arlington Download  
Darlene Moore     Georgetown Download  
Robert Moore     Burleson Download  
Robin Moore     Joshua Download  
Terryca Moore     Rio Vista Download  
Gary Mosley     Houston Download  
Johnna Moss     El Paso Download  
Martha Moyer Executive Director Seth Moyer Support Microboard, Inc. Elmendorf Download  
Juanella Munson     Abilene Download  
Cassie Myers     Houston Download  
Joseph Myers     Cypress Download  
Maureen Myers     Cypress Download  
Melanie Myers     Cypress Download  
Lori Nabors   Texhoma Christian Care Center   Download  
Arlie Nass     El Paso Download  
Mary Neal     Woodville Download  
Mary Nelson     Denton Download  
Edmund Nepveux     Missouri City Download  
Elizabeth Nix     Abilene Download  
Doug North     Webster Download  
Forrest Novy     Austin Download  
Pam Null     Seagoville Download  
JoAnn Nutt     Abilene Download  
Dr. Rex Nutt     Abilene Download  
Delois Obermiller     Cameron Download  
Lara Ogden     Bellaire Download  
Norma Oglesby     Eldorado Download  
Sherdeana Owens Board of Directors Member SHARE College Station Download  
Buddy Pace State Managers Woodmen of the World Woodmen Abilene Download  
Tammie Parker     Austin *Download  
Dr. David Partridge   DADS Richmond Download  
Cindi Paschall       Download  
Susan Payne President PART College Station Download  
Stephen Pearce     Abilene Download  
Kathy Pemberton     Granbury Download  
Marie Perry     Seagoville Download  
Virginia Pettit     Abilene Download  
Leslie Phillips     Katy Download  
Carroll Pimpler     Round Rock Download  
Heather Podbielski     Arlington Download  
Carol Podraza     Cypress Download  
Tara Pope     Abilene Download  
Suzanne Potts Executive Director Autism Society of Greater Austin Austin Download  
Virginia Pritchett   GRADE Mineral Wells *Download  
Georgia Pryor     Beaumont Download  
Kelly Pursley     Abilene Download  
Albert Ramirez     Spring Download  
Hank Reddick     Corpus Christi Download  
Patricia Reyes     Abilene Download  
Sid Rich Executive Director Texas Association of Residential Care Communities Austin *Download  
Brian Richison     Houston Download  
Christina Richison     Houston Download  
Terri Richison     Sargent Download  
Evette Riveria     Austin Download  
Ileene Robinson     Houston Download  
Paul Robisons     Manor Download  
Ileene Robison     Houston *Download  
Ben Rogers     Austin Download  
Nona Rogers     Austin Download  
Suzanne Rogers     McKinney Download  
Sterling Rogers     San Marcos Download  
Steven Rosen Attorney at Law   Richmond Download  
Barbara Rosenberg Speech Pathologist   Sugar Land Download  
Daina Rosenberry     Mansfield Download  
Julie Ross     Dallas Download  
Harry Rowlands     Abilene Download  
Rhonda Runge     Houston Download  
Dr. June Sadowsky   The University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston Houston Download  
Todd Sanders     Houston Download  
William Santer     Amarillo Download  
Jeff Schaumburger     Houston *Download  
Rolfe Schaumburger     League City Download  
Lynda Schneck     League City Download  
Ellen Schoen       Download  
Julie Schutze     Flower Mound Download  
Dorothy Scott       Download  
Joyce Scott       *Download  
Mistyn Scott     Austin Download  
Charleen Searight     Austin Download  
Sarah Searight     Austin Download  
Paula Shahan     Abilene Download  
Ora Shay     Austin Download  
Melany Shearrer     Jourdanton Download  
George Sheffield     Austin Download  
Barbara Sikes     Dallas Download  
James Simmons     Spring Download  
Mary Simmons     Spring Download  
Rebati Sinha     Sugar Land Download  
Dennis Slatton     Arlington Download  
Jeri Slone President Bluebonnet Homes, Inc. San Angelo Download  
Nancy Smith Executive Director of Donor Relations McMurry University Abilene Download  
Theresa Smith     Hurst Download  
Stephen Smith Attorney at Law   Houston Download  
Edmund Snuggs   PART Dallas Download  
Nancy Snuggs       Download  
Brian Snyder     Abilene Download  
Mari Soulforce     Houston Download  
Howard Southwell     Manchaca Download  
Carolyn Spriggs     Colleyville Download  
James and Gloria Stoeckl       Download  
Joyce Stokes     Big Lake Download  
Judi Stonedale     Austin Download  
Judy Straughan     Austin Download  
Emily Stubbs     Mansfield Download  
Adrienne Sullivan     Fort Worth Download  
Joyce Sutphen     Abilene Download  
Raquel Swayze     McAllen Download  
Katherine Swoboda     San Antonio Download  
Debbie Talley     Deer Park Download  
Joe Tate Policy Specialist Community Now Austin Download  
Lutishie Taylor     Conroe Download  
Brian Taylor     Abilene Download  
Barbara Lee Teas     Houston Download  
Rozelle Teplitsky     Pacific Palisades, CA Download  
Russ Thomason     Eastland Download  
Clara Toliver       Download  
Myrta Torres   The Arc Greater Houston Houston Download  
Barbara and Edward Triem       Download  
Blanca Tristan     San Marcos Download  
Nancy Tubbs     Del City, OK Download  
Jodie Tucker     San Antonio Download  
Marcee Turnage     Katy Download  
Kerry Turner     N Richland Hills Download  
Loretta Turner     Aubrey Download  
Debby Valdez     San Antonio *Download  
Amit Verma Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program Houston Methodist Hospital Houston Download  
Caroline Volbrecht     Abilene Download  
Betty Waite     Brady Download  
Evelyn Walberg     Hutto Download  
Nancy Ward     Fort Worth Download  
Kevin Warren President/CEO Texas Health Care Association Austin Download  
Sarah Watkins Board Member Community Now Austin Download  
Kyla Welch     Denton Download  
Hanaba Welch       Download  
Hannah Weldon     Austin Download  
Alison Wellborn     Abilene Download  
Alvin Westbrook, Sr.     Alice Download  
Steve Wheeler     N. Little Rock, AR Download  
Augustine White     Abilene Download  
Beverly Whitt     Mansfield Download  
Julia Widman     Arlington Download  
Jean Wilcox   RRSS Parents Association and PART Houston Download  
Mike Wilder   Abilene Association of Realtors, Air Force Sergeants Association Abilene Download  
Mary Williams     Katy Download  
Sherry Williams     Mesquite Download  
Deborah Wingler     Roswell Download  
Leslie Wizner     Santa Fe, NM Download  
Diana Ynostroza     Mico Download  
Lindsey Zischkale     Flower Mound Download  
Anonymous     Houston Download  
Anonymous2     Corpus Christi Download  
Anonymous3       Download