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Accommodations for People With Disabilities at Sunset Commission Meetings

For the Sunset process to reach its full potential, everyone must be able to fully and equally participate in every phase of a Sunset review. Individuals with a disability or other special need have the right under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to reasonable accommodations to facilitate participation in the Sunset process. The Sunset Advisory Commission fully supports and encourages such participation and will work with anyone making a request for reasonable accommodations. 

Following are examples of the types of accommodations that may be available with sufficient advance notice, generally four business days before the meeting date to allow staff time to make arrangements for requested equipment or services.

  • Assistive listening devices. A limited number of assistive listening devices are available for Sunset Commission meetings held at the Texas Capitol Complex. 
  • Interpreter services. Subject to availability, interpreter services may be provided for Sunset  Commission meetings and meetings with Sunset staff in the Sunset office. 
  • Wheelchair accessibility. Texas Capitol Complex meeting rooms are wheelchair accessible, but rooms may be crowded during Sunset hearings. On request, Sunset staff can reserve an area with an unrestricted view of the commission’s activities and provide information on accessible routes to the meeting.
  • Hearing testimony. Special accommodations for presenting testimony at a Sunset Commission hearing may be arranged. Accommodations to attend or participate in meetings at the Texas Capitol Complex may be subject to approval by the State Preservation Board.
  • Website accommodations. The Sunset website at is designed to meet ADA requirements. Online resources include information about the Sunset process, Sunset staff reports, reports to the Legislature, and summaries of Sunset legislation.

To request an ADA accommodation, contact the Sunset ADA coordinator at or (512) 463-1300. To use a TTY, VCO, or HCO assistive device, contact Relay Texas at 7-1-1 and ask to be connected to (512) 463-1300. 

The Capitol Building is managed by the State Preservation Board. For general information about accessibility of the Texas Capitol Complex, please contact the State Preservation Board at (512) 463-0063.