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Board of Trustees of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS)

    • Next Review Date: 2020-2021 Review Cycle - 87th Legislative Session
    • Last Review Date: 2006-2007 Review Cycle - 80th Legislative Session

    Sunset Review Documents for 2006-2007 Review Cycle, 80th Legislative Session

    Legislative Documents

    Final Results from Last Sunset Report

    Following voter passage of a constitutional amendment, the Legislature created the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) in 1937. The TRS Board of Trustees administers and operates a system to provide retirement, disability, death, and survivor benefits for 1.2 million Texas public and higher education employees, retirees, and beneficiaries; invests and manages the $100.2 billion Pension Trust Fund held in trust to provide future benefits for members and their beneficiaries; and offers health and long-term care insurance to eligible public education employees, retirees, and their dependents. In 2006, TRS operated with a staff of 466 employees and an annual administrative budget of $44.7 million.

    House Bill 2427 contains the Sunset Commission’s recommendations to improve TRS’ ability to fairly and effectively deliver benefits and programs to educational employees and retirees. Because TRS is not subject to abolishment under the Sunset Act, the bill does not contain a continue provision. The list below summarizes the major provisions of H.B. 2427.

    • Require TRS to provide equal access to retirement counseling services across the state.
    • Restructure TRS’ disability retirement benefit program to ensure protection of Pension Trust Fund assets.
    • Grant TRS a greater range of oversight tools to adequately protect investments made by public education employees in 403(b) products.
    • Repeal the statutory requirement for TRS to conduct the Public School Employees’ Health Coverage Comparability Study.